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Field Trip Information

Lake County Schools "encourages the use of organized off-campus trips", which will fulfill the educational mission and goals of the district.  An excerpt from the district's Field Trip Manual says:

The LCSB believes that curricular and extracurricular activities involving travel are an important offering to our students. In the interest of student safety, these activities must be carefully planned, executed, and controlled, recognizing that they are an established part of school life and are a vital element in the overall educational program. Such activities must advance legitimate educational goals and must be effectively supervised in a manner to protect the students and the programs.

The Field Trip Manual offers plenty of helpful information for schools and parents.   Chaperone responsibilities are outlined in the manual as well as form requirements, administrator responsibilities, etc.  Please click the active link, below, to read the Field Trip Manual in its entirety.

Please call 352-253-6660 if you need assistance.

Once you click the link above, click "Open with" option from the top of the document and choose Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive.  This allows you to fill the form prior to printing for signatures.