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Copy the displayed E-mail Address for use in your your email client. Please note that under Florida's "Public Records" law, absent a specific exclusion, written communications to or from Lake School District employees are considered public records, and may be subject to public and media disclosure upon request.

Name Position E-mail Address Phone Number
Guido Zamora Director of Human Resources (352) 253-6541
Quiana Peterson Instructional Recruitment Partner (352) 253-6533
Cristin Miller HR Technical & Support Analyst (352) 253-6542
Kate Kelley Compliance Analyst (352) 253-6544
Erin Marra Certification Specialist (352) 253-6540
Savannah Brown Senior HR Specialist (352) 253-6531
Emily Clark Senior HR Specialist (352) 253-6558
Deborah Vela Senior HR Specialist (352) 253-6537
Shannon Cox HR Specialist (352) 253-6536
Kimberly Davidson HR Specialist (352) 253-6532
Kerri Hubbard HR Specialist (352) 253-6539
Nilda Rivera HR Specialist (352) 253-6534
Jamie Stivender HR Specialist (352) 253-6538
Jasmine Scott Fingerprinting Clerk (352) 253-6543
Deborah Robinson Receptionist/Switchboard Operator (352) 253-6506