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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of the most commonly asked questions related to employment with Lake County Schools. If you have any specific questions, feel free to

How do I find out what jobs are available within Lake County Schools?

You may access the Lake County Schools Employment page. There, you will find all of the positions available within the District.

What documents are required for an Instructional application to be considered complete?

A completed online application, official transcripts, and two (2) reference forms.

How do I get a paper application?

The District no longer uses paper applications. The only way to apply for positions is through the online application system.

May I go to the county office to fill out an application?

Yes, there are computers in the lobby that are there for the purpose of completing the online application.

Can I edit my application online?

Yes, changes can be made to your online application at any time.

To whom do I send my resume?

You have the option to upload your resume into the application. You may also send your resume to the Hiring Manager for the position in which you are applying.

Where may I find information about salaries?

You may go to the Human Resources page under Employment Opportunities and then select Salary Schedules to access salary information.

I have completed the online application process. What should I do now?

Contact the location where the open position is and speak with the Hiring Manager to follow up on the status of your application. It is advantageous for you to send a brief resume by email or mail to the hiring manager.

When do I need to have the fingerprint and the drug tests completed?

After you have been interviewed by the Hiring Manager and have been offered a position, you will be given information regarding fingerprinting and drug testing.

How do I become an ELC Caregiver?

You must complete an online application by going to the Lake County Schools Employment webpage. Then contact the school/site coordinator where the position is being advertised and follow the process by talking with the site coordinator and scheduling an appointment for an interview. If you are being considered for the caregiver position, the site coordinator will give you the necessary packet of paperwork to begin the hiring process.

I am interested in a teaching position in Lake County. How many years of experience can I bring in for salary purposes?

Instructional personnel can bring up to 26 years of previous full-time teaching experience. Experience must be properly documented and must meet the requirements as set forth in the Agreement between the Lake County Education Association and the School Board of Lake County.

I served in the Military. Will I be compensated for my service?

Instructional personnel and some Non-Instructional personnel can bring up to 4 years of active military duty for salary purposes. Form DD214 is required for documentation.

I hold a Professional Services Contract in another Florida district. If I accept a job in Lake County, what will my contract status be?

Teachers who are new to Lake County, or who have a break in service with the District, will be hired as an Instructional Probationary Annual Contract Teacher for the first year and be eligible for an Annual Contract each subsequent school year of continuous service. Professional Services (PSC) contracts are no longer issued within the state of Florida.

I have accepted a teaching job in Lake County. Can I transfer my sick days?

Yes, you may request your sick days to be transferred from your previous employer in (from) another Florida school district.

How long will it take before I can go to work?

The start date for employment depends on the completion of all steps within the hiring process.

Where are the job descriptions located for review?

You may go to the Human Resources page under Employment Opportunities and then select Job Descriptions to access salary information.