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Instructional Retention Data

Instructional Retention Information

Team at work with hands "all-in".Retention and turnover data is compiled and made available to all stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Information is summarized quarterly year-to-date (YTD) and a final end-of-year report is generated at the end of each school year*. Click on the links below to review the instructional retention information for a specific school year.

School Year Period Report Type
2023-2024 1st Quarter YTD (Jul-Sep) Completed
  2nd Quarter YTD (Jul-Dec) Completed
  3rd Quarter YTD (Jul-Mar) In Progress
  End of Year In Progress
2022-2023 End of Year Completed
2021-2022 End of Year Completed
2020-2021 End of Year Completed
2019-2020 End of Year Completed
2018-2019 End of Year Completed
2017-2018 End of Year Completed
2016-2017 End of Year Completed
2015-2016 End of Year Completed
2014-2015 End of Year Totals Percentages
2013-2014 End of Year Totals Percentages
2012-2013 End of Year Totals Percentages
2011-2012 End of Year Totals Percentages
2010-2011 End of Year Totals Percentages
2009-2010 End of Year Totals Percentages

Calculating Instructional Retention Rates
To calculate instructional retention rates, we include retirements, resignations and terminations for all instructional staff (classroom and non-classroom) occurring between July 1st - June 30th of a given fiscal/school year period. When calculating a turnover rate, we divide the total number of instructional staff who have separated from the District by a total instructional staff count at the time the report was generated (quarterly YTD, end-of-year).

Note*: Quarterly YTD reports may take up to 1-3 weeks after each quarter to be compiled, reviewed and published. End-of-year reports are not released until after September 15th of the subsequent school year, to align with continuous service provisions outlined in collective bargaining. These reports may also take 1-3 weeks to be compiled, reviewed and published.

Report Format Updates

  • 04/28/2023 - Updated to a new data model. Reports were updated retroactively to the 2020-2021 school year.
  • 11/14/2018 - Updated to include Highly Effective retention metrics. Reports were updated retroactively to the 2015-2016 school year.
  • 09/21/2016 - Totals and Percentages were combined into one report for easy access.