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Teacher Evaluations

Teacher Evaluation & Achievement Model (TEAM)

Instructional Personnel Evaluation System 

The district has adopted the Florida Department of Education endorsed Art and Science of Teaching Causal Teacher Evaluation Model by Robert Marzano as the new teacher evaluation system. The Marzano model was selected based on the recommendation of the joint Lake County Education Association and School Board teacher evaluation committee. The purpose of the redeveloped evaluation system is to increase student learning growth by improving the quality of instructional and supervisory practices. This model provides a rigorous, transparent and fair evaluation system that differentiates effectiveness with data on student growth. The district affirms Marzano’s expectation that all teachers can increase their expertise from year to year, producing annual gains in student growth with a powerful cumulative effect. The Lake County evaluation system is titled "Teacher Evaluation and Achievement Model" or TEAM.

The goal of the evaluation system is for every teacher to increase effectiveness every year through the following:

  • Teacher growth assessed using research-based strategies
  • Professional development rigorously aligned with what teachers are actually working on to improve
  • Deliberate practice within a professional growth plan
  • Connections to student growth through classroom strategies designed to increase student learning 

Click on the following link for a copy of the instructional personnel evaluation plan:
Instructional Personnel Evaluation Plan