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 L.C.S Custodial Training Facility



 Lake County Schools Training Facility

310 West Quayle Avenue 

Eustis FL 32776 



Plant Operations offer two Training Courses, they are the Certified Custodian and Master Custodian Training. 


All Lake County Schools Custodians are required to attend and pass the Certified Custodial Training within twelve (12) months of their hire date.Custodians will be compensated at their regular hourly pay rate.


The Certified Custodial Training course is 64 hours long and must be passed with a minimum 85% final average.


The Certified Course Covers the following topics:

  1. The Professional School Custodian
  2. Safety in School Operations
  3. Sanitation and School Housekeeping
  4. Floor and Carpet Care for Schools
  5. Overview of Manuals 1-4

Participation in the Master Custodian Training is optional. An employee is expected to attend voluntarily on his/her own time. No Certified Custodian shall be denied the opportunity to take these classes.


The Master Custodian / Leadership Training course is 56 hours long and must be passed with a minimum 85% final average.


The Master Course Cover the following topics:

  1.  Minor Maintenance and Climate Control Support
  2. Ground Care for Schools
  3. Master Custodial Certification Overview
  4. Transition to Supervisor, Leader Ship Skills


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