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Restorative Practices

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Restorative Practices is an emerging social science employed by Lake County Schools to strengthen relationships between individuals when harm is done, as well as social connections within communities. They focus on responsibility and repairing harm. Restorative Practices provides a way of talking and responding to issues through the use of practices such as Circles. Within a circle, all participants are involved to discuss their feelings, explain what happened, and to find a solution in a respectful and effective way.

In schools, the use of Restorative Practices has been found to:

  • Reduce misbehavior, violence, and bullying
  • Increase instructional time
  • Increase school safety
  • Improve school climate
  • Improve relationships and attitudes

 To obtain a copy of the LCS Restorative Practices Informative Booklet or for more information regarding the use of Restorative Practices in Lake County Schools, please contact: 

Zhakima Spratley, Administrative Coordinator of SSAE at

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