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Educational Choice Transfer (ECT)

An Educational Choice Transfer (ECT) provides an opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to attend a traditional Lake County Public School outside their assigned attendance area. Charter Schools, Magnet Schools and Pre-Kindergarten programs are excluded from this process.
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Important Information

  • All ECT applications submitted during Window 1 and Window 2 will be processed through a computerized LOTTERY system. Supplemental ECT applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  • Each student may apply for a First (1st) Choice and Second (2nd) Choice school/grade that has not reached capacity.  
    • Availability is established by grade level and school capacity
    • Applications are grade-level specific 
  • A submitted ECT application does not guarantee that the child will be offered a transfer.
  • Applications not selected through the lottery process will be placed on a waiting list for each school as determined by the lottery process. There is no guarantee that a waiting list will be activated for any school. 
  • Lake County School District does not provide transportation (school buses) to/from school for students enrolled through an ECT. 
    • A transportation scholarship may be available to eligible families, please visit FL-DOE to apply. 
    • If you are interested in public transportation please visit
  • If your child is actively attending their preferred school on an ECT from a prior year, there is no need to re-apply as it is valid until the highest grade level offered at the school. You would need to submit a new ECT application if the student has been withdrawn from the preferred school and you want them to return. Or if you are requesting an ECT to a different non-zoned school.
  • A new ECT application must be completed to request a different out-of-zone school.
    • The Educational Choice Transfer does not provide for current 5th and 8th graders to be enrolled in a middle or high school that they are not zoned to attend.
  • Students who are subject to a current Alternative Placement/Expulsion or Suspension cannot request an ECT. Please submit your child’s ECT application after the Alternative Placement/Expulsion or Suspension has ended, during the appropriate ECT application window.

To be considered for this opportunity, the Parent/Legal Guardian of the child must submit a completed ECT Online Application (including all ECT Required Documentation) to a school that has not reached capacity, during one of the available Application Cycles established below.  


If you are applying to a Career and Technical Education Program (CTE) offered at a high school during an Application Cycle below, please CLICK HERE for important Programmatic Requirements. 


Application Cycle

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