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Opportunity Scholarship Program

LCS is not currently accepting applications for the Opportunity Scholarship Program

What is the Opportunity Scholarship Program?

The Opportunity Scholarship Program was created as a Florida school choice option in 1999. As originally implemented, the program offered students who attended or who were assigned to attend failing public schools the option to choose a higher performing public school or a participating private school.

On January 5, 2006, the Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling declaring the private school option of the Opportunity Scholarship Program unconstitutional. Students assigned to a failing school are no longer offered the opportunity to transfer and enroll in a participating private school. The option to attend a higher performing public school remains in effect. 

OSP Eligibility Requirements 

A public school student's parent may request and receive from the state an Opportunity Scholarship for the student to enroll in and attend a higher performing public school if:

  • By assigned school attendance area or by special assignment, student spent the prior school year in attendance at a public school that has been designated as earning a grade "F" or three consecutive "Ds" as based on the statewide assessments conducted pursuant to Section. 1008.22, Florida Statutes.
  • The student has been in attendance elsewhere in the public school system and has been assigned to such school for the next school year; or
  • The student has been assigned to such school for the next school year. 

How do I find out if my child is eligible for the Opportunity Scholarship Program and what is the process?

Once a school as been designated to meet the criteria, Lake County Schools notifies parents of students attending this school, by mail and call out system of the school's performance and of their options under the program.

Is the Opportunity Scholarship school transfer automatic? 

No. The program requires the parent to complete an application for each student within the affected family. If you will be delivering or mailing the individual applications for multiple students, please keep all of them together. A cover letter or note listing siblings would be helpful but not required.

Do I have to transfer my student?

No. Opportunity Scholarships are not a required transfer. All students and families are welcome to remain at the home school.

What if I don't get the letter in the mail?

The information is sent to each family based upon the address on the student record. Families should make sure the student address is updated in their records if they move o relocate to a different address.  There are no applications available at the schools sites.

Do I get to choose which school my student transfer to?

No. LCS is required to select schools to receive students based on school grade and available seating capacity. Those potential sites are listed on the application. In addition, since transportation is provided, schools are selected based on the home address of the family and availability of bus transportation.

What if I already have an approved transfer to another school?

If you already have an approved transfer to another school (Educational Scholarship, McKay, etc.) you don't need to do anything. The transfer you have already received will remain in effect. However, transportation may not be provided under other transfers. 

Who provides for transportation?

Transportation is dependent on the option chosen by the parent or guardian of the eligible student.

  • If a parent request to transfer to a designated transfer school within Lake County Schools, transportation is provided by the school district. 
  • If a parent requests to transfer to a higher performing public school in another school district, the parent or guardian is responsible for proving transportation.  

Additional information:

  • No faxed copies will be accepted.
  • Transportation will be provided for students living two or more miles from the school.
  • The school transfer is valid for the duration of the grade levels (K-5).
  • Change of address must be reported to the school immediately.
  • The student must stay for the entire school year unless there is a change of address.
  • Assignment to a specific school is not guaranteed.
  • Schools may be added or deleted depending on the number of applications.


LCS is not currently accepting applications for the Opportunity Scholarship Program