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Dating Violence and Abuse

Section 1006.148, Florida Statutes - Dating violence and abuse prohibited

Policy 5517.03 - Dating Violence and Abuse

Reporting Dating Violence and Abuse

The Office of Prevention Programs and Alternative Education has developed a dating violence and abuse complaint form for individuals to report dating violence and abuse incidents. An individual can complete a form giving the name of the person reporting the incident or the incident can be reported anonymously.

If you have information regarding a dating violence and abuse act as defined in Policy 5517.03 and Section 1006.148, Florida Statutes, please fill out one of the two forms below to the best of your knowledge and submit to your school. 

If you fear a student is in immediate danger, please contact the student's school or police immediately!

Directions for Use of Forms:

  1. Click on the form of choice below.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Drop the form off at the designated location in your school.

Dating Violence and Abuse Reporting Form

Dating Violence and Abuse Anonymous Reporting Form


NOTE: Links in this section are to an outside website and are not overseen by Lake County Schools. - Anonymously report any threatening behavior or situation that endangers you or someone you know