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Educational Choice Transfer

An Educational Choice Transfer (ECT) provides an opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to attend a traditional Lake County Public School outside their assigned attendance area. Charter Schools, Magnet Schools and Pre-Kindergarten programs are responsible for their own enrollment.
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To be considered for this opportunity, the Parent/Legal Guardian of the child must submit a completed ECT online application. 

Important Information

  • A submitted ECT application does not guarantee that the child will be approved for a transfer.
  • Lake County School District does not provide transportation (school buses) to/from school for students enrolled through an ECT. 
    • A transportation scholarship may be available to eligible families, please visit FL-DOE to apply. 
    • If you are interested in public transportation please visit
  • If accepted, the ECT is valid through the highest grade at the current school. (Example, ECT at 3rd grade - valid through 5th grade). There is no need to re-apply every year to the same school.
  • The ECT does not provide current 5th and 8th graders to be promoted from elementary to middle schools, or from middle to high schools as part of the feeder system. 
  • A new ECT application must be completed to request a different out-of-zone school.
  • The child cannot be subject to a current expulsion or suspension. 


Related School Board Policy and State Statute

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For more information, please email, or call (352) 253-6777.