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McKay Scholarship

What Is the McKay Scholarship?

The McKay Scholarship Program is a state funded program which allows parents of students with disabilities, who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or and active 504 Plan, to choose the academic setting that is best for their child’s educational needs. Eligible students may attend a participating private school, or may be able to attend another public school in their home district or a neighboring district.

McKay Scholarship Program Quick Reference Guide 

This quick reference guide provides information concerning eligibility and application process for the McKay Scholarship program.

McKay  Scholarship Parent Information

This link will direct you to the McKay Scholarship Parent page where you can find important information and apply for the McKay Scholarship.

McKay Scholarship and Gardiner Scholarship at Florida School Choice Website

McKay Scholarship Private School Listing 2021-2022 

This link will provide you with all the private schools in Lake County that accept the McKay Scholarship.

McKay Public School Choice Request Form

This is the Lake County School Board form for parents who wish to enroll their child in a  public "out of zone" school using a McKay Scholarship.



District Contact for McKay Scholarship

Rani Maharaj, Program Specialist