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ESOL Certification Endorsement Brochure 

 Why ESOL Endorsement and Requirements?

 The Consent Decree (also known as the META or ESOL Consent Decree) of 1990 is the State of  Florida’s framework for compliance with federal and state laws and jurisprudence regarding the education of English Language Learners (ELL) students. It addresses the civil rights of these students, with the primary right being that of equal access to comprehensible instruction.

Who needs to enroll in ESOL Courses?  

 Section IV of the Consent Decree specifically addresses the requirements of personnel who interact with ELL students in an educational environment. The requirements vary and are outlined in the Consent Decree (Revised Agreement of 1990, p. 17-18). K-12 teachers and exceptional student education teachers, whose instructional load includes language arts and reading/intensive reading are required to obtain full ESOL Endorsement. Other content area teachers and those who have supporting instructional roles are required to take ESOL courses. The Job Categories and options for credits are described in this page and brochure. 

What are my options for ESOL Endorsement or Certification?

 Option 1 – 15 semester hours in college coursework reflecting the following ESOL areas: Testing and Evaluation, Methods of Teaching, Cross-Cultural, Curriculum & Materials Development, and Applied Linguistics.

Option 2 – 300 in-service credits through Lake County Schools’ courses: Testing & Evaluation, Methods of Teaching, Cross-Cultural, Curriculum & Materials Development, and Applied Linguistics.

Option 3 – A combination of in-service and college credit is available providing that the college credit courses are evaluated by the Lake County Schools Human Resources Department and meet content objectives within the five required Lake County Schools in-service credit courses which include Testing & Evaluation, Methods of Teaching, Cross-Cultural, Curriculum & Materials Development, and Applied Linguistics.

Option 4 – To obtain the ESOL K-12 certification, teachers must pass the ESOL subject area exam and complete 120 hours of ESOL training within three years. Prior coursework can be used and it may be helpful for teachers to take the two classes first and then take the exam. Subject area exam information, including a study guide can be found at

Online courses approved through LCS are CTechEd, PAEC, and NEFEC. Online courses may be taken at the educator’s expense and must be pre-approved prior to enrollment through Lake County Schools Human Resource Services Department. Emails sent to
The combination credits must total 300 in-service hours. A three semester hour course is equivalent to 60 in-service credit hours. If ESOL courses were taken through Professional development in another school district, you are responsible for providing a copy to LCS Professional Development and Human Resources for that credit to apply in Lake County


How do I register for the courses? 

Step 1   Read all information in this article.

Step 2   Review all of the options for seeking the ESOL Endorsement and fulfillment of ESOL requirements.

Step 3   Refer to the job categories to determine the number of credits/hours needed to satisfy ESOL requirements.

Step 4  Sign up for the appropriate course sending the ESOL Participant Agreement Form electronically. Classes are offered each semester and during summer online. 

The first course is:

  1. ESOL Test Assessment & Evaluation; once the first course is completed, the remaining courses must be completed without skipping a year (Applied Linguistics last).
  2. ESOL Methods of Teaching.
  3. ESOL Curriculum & Materials Development.
  4. ESOL Cross-Culture Communication & Understanding.
  5. ESOL Applied Linguistics. 

Step 5  In-service credits are reported on the district TNL and can be accessed through your Self-Service.

Which Job Category am I in? 

Category  1 
Language Arts/English, Developmental Language Arts, Intensive Reading and Reading teachers.    
300 in-service credit points or 15 semester hours.
Category  2 
Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, or Computer Literacy teachers.      
60 in-service credit points* or 3 semester hours.
Category  3  
All other subjects not included in Categories 1 or 2 above. 
18 in-service credit points** (Not available through LCS)
Category  4  
School Administrators, Guidance Counselors                   
60 in-service credit points* or 3 semester hours.

In-service Credit Transfer to Lake County Schools from another Florida school district:

Step 1 – Contact the former employer and request that they submit a formal transfer to Lake County Schools.. The transfer form should be sent to the Director of Professional Development, Lake County Schools Learning Resource Center, located at 510 South Palm Avenue, Howey in-the-Hills, FL 34737.

Step 2 – When the form is received, the in-service credits will be posted and should be displayed on the district data base system. Please check with your local school bookkeeper to ensure that the credits have been posted. 

Step 3 - If the credits do not show, contact your instructor first and then, Dori Dunbar (352) 742-6915 at the LCS Learning Resource Center for further verification.

 * While no specific ESOL course is designated, Testing & Evaluation Course is encouraged in the event that your assignment changes in the future and the 300 hours becomes required.

**If you choose to take an ESOL course outside Lake County Schools, it must be pre-approved through the Professional Development Department.

How may I obtain certification? 

 ESOL Subject Area Test and in-service credit - Teachers must achieve a passing score on the subject area test and take an additional 120 in-service credits through Lake County Schools. Further information regarding the subject area test may be obtained through the FLDOE website at:

Note: It is suggested that teachers complete the ESOL- Cross-Culture Communication & Understanding and Applied Linguistics courses prior to taking the ESOL subject area test.

Where are the courses offered?  
The course locations, times, and logistics are available at the ESOL Courses section.

Who verifies that I have completed the ESOL requirements? 

Upon completion of ESOL endorsement requirements, the teacher will have to apply to add this area to their certificate.

Further verification of completed ESOL courses can be accessed on: 

TrueNorthLogic/EXCELportal/Professional Development/My Courses/My Transcripts