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McKay Scholarship Information

The McKay Scholarships is a state-wide program for Students with Disabilities, that provides scholarships for eligible students with disabilities to attend an eligible public or private school of their choice.


An eligible student with disabilities has several options available, including:

  • Attendance at another public school within the district;
  • Attendance at an eligible public school in an adjacent district that has space and provides the services identified in the student’s individual education plan or 504 accommodation plan; or
  • Attendance at an eligible private, sectarian or nonsectarian, school

For more information, or to apply for a McKay Scholarship click:   State McKay Scholarship Application.

Private Lake County Schools who accept McKay Scholarships 
McKay Eligible Schools.


Lake County Public McKay Scholarship Process

The following is the process for parents to follow when they wish to enroll their child in a Lake County School using a Public McKay Scholarship  

  1. Parent or guardian applies for McKay Scholarship on state website:  McKay Scholarship.
  2. District verifies whether the student has an active IEP or Section 504 plan, and that the student was enrolled and reported by a Florida school district for funding during the preceding October and February student counts.
  3. Parent receives determination of eligibility for the McKay Scholarship from the state. 
  4. Parent completes “McKay Scholarship Request: Public School Choice Option”. form.   
  5. Parent provides a copy of McKay eligibility notification, and a completed “McKay Scholarship Request: Public School Choice Option.".  form to the administrator at the school of choice.
  6. School notifies parent or guardian of acceptance decision.  If accepted, parent or guardian enrolls student. 

    For more information contact:
    Exceptional Student Education (ESE) - Sharon Rodgers  352-253-6600
    Section 504 - Monica Hite 352-742-6920