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 Elementary ELA/Content Area Literacy: Sherrie Smith, 352-253-6867

Elementary ELA/Content Area Literacy: Beth Petty, 352-253-6865

   Middle and High School ELA: Neysa Olivares-Torres, 352-253-6876

Middle and High School Reading: Natalie Heitman, 352-742-6874 

Reading Endorsement:  Kirsten Olafsen 352 253-6891

2021-2022 Elementary ELA Scope and Sequence 

The ELA Scope & Sequence provides a frame for common learning experiences across the district. It outlines student expectations aligned to the Florida Standards. The Curriculum Blueprints for each unit are hyperlinked within the Scope and Sequence.  Elementary social studies instructional materials, Studies Weekly, are included in order to build knowledge of content rich nonfiction and address ELA reading standards for informational text.  The Blueprints are meant to be used as a starting point for collaborative unit planning

Middle and High School ELA and Reading Scope and Sequences 

The ELA Scope & Sequences provide frames for common learning experiences across the district.  They outline student expectations aligned to the Florida Standards. State Standards and Course Descriptions are hyperlinked within the Scope and Sequence.

K-12 Reading Plan

The State Department of Education ensures reading instruction is a priority by providing annual funding for public schools. The Lake County Schools K-12 Reading Plan communicates to all stakeholders the process for ensuring every student receives quality reading instruction.
The reading endorsement website provides information on the reading endorsement framework, teachers needing to become reading endorsed, and steps for requesting an evaluation of transcripts.  Find links to orientation sessions, the required participant agreement, and TNL course registration. 
ELA 6-12 Progression Chart