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ELA Parent and Student Resources

ELA Parent and Student Resources

Third Grade Summer Reading Camp
Parent Roadmap: Supporting your child in English Language Arts

Lake County Schools is working to improve teaching and learning to ensure all children graduate high school with the skills needed to be successful. The following documents provide helpful hints on how you as a parent can partner with our schools in ensuring our students graduate college and career ready.

Kindergarten ELA Parent Roadmap

First Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Second Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Third Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Fourth Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Fifth Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Sixth Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Seventh Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

Eighth Grade ELA Parent Roadmap

High School ELA Parent Roadmap

A Parent's Guide to the Common Core Standards
The state of Florida has joined 43 other states in adopting common standards to prepare students for the 21st Century workplace.  

Graduation Requirements for Florida's Statewide Assessments

It is important to be well informed of the graduation requirements of your child. The following document has up to date information explaining the current state expectations.

New Worlds Reading