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Program Specialist K-5: Beth Petty (352) 253-6865 
Program Specialist 6-12: Ben Phillis (352) 253-6893


Curriculum Blueprints

The curriculum blueprints are a guide for instruction which include essential content for each unit, learning goals, objectives, and linked supplemental resources.  In order to ensure students have been exposed to all grade level content, there is a suggested time frame for unit completion.  This timeline may be adjusted based on school data.  

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions have been made available when a Curriculum Blueprint may not be available.  The course descriptions include course number, sections, status, grade level, version description, general notes, special notes, course standards, and direct links for related instructional/educational resources available on CPALMS.

Elementary School Curriculum Blueprints and/or Course Descriptions

Middle and High School Curriculum Blueprints and/or Course Descriptions