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 Accountability & Assessment

Dr. Melissa DeJarlais 


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The Department of Accountability & Assessment comprises the offices of Accountability, Assessment and Testing with a clear purpose in providing leadership and guidance regarding federal and state accountability, state and local district assessment programs, school improvement plan support, district accreditation, School Advisory Councils, the District’s Citizen’s Advisory Council as well as district research requests. In addition, the department provides strategic support for district-led initiatives as well as, comprehensive reporting and support to stakeholders throughout the District.


To serve all stakeholders with extraordinary customer service by providing accurate data, technical assistance and professional support in a timely manner to further the vision of the district and schools.

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The Accountability Team gathers, edits, produces, and submits student data for reporting to the Florida Department of Education.  The team audits and reconciles student information to ensure state and local reporting entities utilize accurate data in evaluations, initiatives, and mandates, including school grades and graduation rates as well as provides data in a format conducive to assisting with school improvement plans and increasing student achievement. The team also supports school improvement plan reporting, district accreditation, School Advisory Councils, the District’s Citizen’s Advisory Council.

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District Assessments (LSAs)

The Assessment Team administers the district assessment program, including training school LSA Contacts and ensuring all materials are provided. The Lake Standards Assessments (LSAs) provide teachers formative information to identify student strengths and opportunities for learning in order to provide students necessary intervention, remediation, and acceleration before end-of-year state assessments.

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The Testing Team administers district and state testing programs.  This includes training school testing coordinators, ensuring that all needed materials are provided, and ensuring that testing programs are administered properly. Evaluating student progress and proficiency is an important part of what we do at Lake County Schools. It helps us determine areas where students are excelling and where they may need extra help so that we can better meet their academic needs.