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Lake Standards Assessments (LSAs) 


The Lake Standards Assessments (LSAs) were developed as part of Lake County’s Continuous Improvement Model. The results from the interim assessments are used for "formative purposes as administrators and teachers" identify "patterns across student learning that can inform curriculum and instructional planning" (Martone, Reagan, & Reed, 2017). 
The LSAs consist of three Quarterly Assessments and a Midyear LSA. The Quarterly Assessments are aligned to FLDOE standards and local curriculum scope and sequence. The Midyear LSAs are aligned to FLDOE Test Design and Blueprints.  
Lake County Schools has devoted time and resources to ensure the LSAs are a useful tool to inform teaching and learning. The development of the LSAs is aligned with best practices in psychometric testing and education (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014; Haladyna & Rodriguez, 2013; Lane, Raymond, & Haladyna, 2016). 
Several studies have independently verified the validity and reliability of the LSAs. A first study provided information on the content validity and reliability of the LSAs, including a predictive validity of the Algebra 1 Midyear LSA. A second study
confirmed a strong positive correlation between the 5th and 8th Grade Science Midyear LSAs and FLDOE Science FCAT 2.0 end-of-year assessments. A 2017-18 a study explored the correlations between ELA 6-8 Midyear LSAs and the Spring 2018 FSAs. The findings indicated strong positive correlations between the ELA 6-8 Midyear LSAs and the FLDOE Science FCAT 2.0 end-of-year assessments. The correlations exceeded the .70 threshold considered convincing evidence of validity by the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI). Finally, a 2019 quantitative, causal-comparative study Examining Locally-Developed and Aligned Interim Assessment in a Southeastern U.S. School District reported that using locally developed and aligned interim assessments led to consistent and positively statistically significant outcomes on student achievement. The results were positively statistically significant with a moderate effect size of .57, which translates to more than half a school year of growth (Coe, Kime, Nevill, & Coleman, 2013).   
The results from the LSAs are used formatively by classroom teachers to inform instructional practices and monitor student progression toward mastery of Florida standards.  In addition, school administrators, Curriculum Specialists, Curriculum Resource Teachers, Literacy Coaches, ESE School Specialists, and Guidance Counselors use the data from the LSAs to support students and teachers.  
The Lake Standards Assessments (LSAs) support a balanced assessment system in which "teachers use classroom assessments, interim assessments, and year-end assessments to monitor and enhance student learning in relation to state standards and to the state's goals for student proficiency" (McMillan, 2013 p 61).

2021-2022 LSA Testing Windows 

Quarterly Assessment 1: September 29 - October 7, 2021
Quarterly Assessment 2: December 8 - 16, 2021 (Optional)
Midyear LSAs: November 29 - December 16, 2021
Quarterly Assessment 3: March 2 - 10, 2022
For frequently asked questions regarding the FSAs click here.

Test Design Summary and Blueprints 

The LSA Quarterly Assessments are aligned to FLDOE standards and LCS curriculum scope and sequence. The Midyear LSAs are aligned to FLDOE Test Design Summary and Test Blueprints (FSA ELA & Math, 5th & 8th Gr Science, EOC's), with a modified administration window to support school-site instructional schedules.    

Feedback Form    

In order to improve the validity and reliability of the LSAs, we encourage subject matter experts (teachers) to provide feedback.  Please make your recommendations as specific as possible.  Complete one form per item here.         


Test Administration Guides and Manuals
LSA Administration Guide
LSA Directions for Test Coordinators
LSA Directions for Test Administrators
Test Scripts
Script for ONLINE- LSA Quarterly Assessments
Script for ONLINE- Midyear LSA's
Script for Paper- LSA Quarterly Assessments
Script for Paper- Midyear LSA's
Student Resources
Grade 4 FSA Math Reference Sheet
Grade 5 FSA Math Reference Sheet
Grade 6 FSA Math Reference Sheet
Grade 7 FSA Math Reference Sheet
Grade 8 FSA Math Reference Sheet
Algebra I Conversions Reference Sheet
Geometry Conversions Reference Sheet
Geometry Formulas Reference Sheet
Florida Computer-Based Testing Work Folder
CBT Worksheet
Periodic Table of Elements
Calculator Specifications for Math LSA's
Performance Matters
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 Research and Literature: Assessment Literacy 
Educational Assessment Knowledge and Skills for Teacher
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