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  State Assessments

The primary purpose of the Assessment Department is to administer district and state testing programs. This includes training school testing coordinators, ensuring that all needed materials are provided, and ensuring that testing programs are administered properly. Evaluating student progress and proficiency is an important part of what we do at Lake County Schools. It helps us determine areas where students are excelling and where they may need extra help so that we can better meet their academic needs.
More specific information regarding the assessments can be located on your child's zoned school's web page (Information/Testing).

Adult Test Takers

If you received a certificate of completion and are interested in participating in a state test to earn a diploma, you will need to notify your zoned school at least two weeks prior to the test date to ensure they are able to make all necessary preparations to accommodate you.  After receiving notification from you, the school will contact you with the day and time scheduled for your test.

*see school web sites for testing dates*


Special Program Students

Home Education and Private School students who wish to participate in state testing should register on their zoned school web site (Information/Testing/Spring Testing Registration).

Registration for Spring 2024 Testing has closed.