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Adaptive Progress Monitoring

Adaptive Progress Monitoring (APM) is an online assessment tool to help assess students' current knowledge, skills, and abilities in grades 3-10 Reading and grades 3-8 Mathematics. The items used have been used on the FSA and are aligned to Florida Reading and Mathematics standards. The results will be reported using the FSA reporting scale. The test is not predictive; it should provide a score the student would have made on the FSA at the time the APM was taken. It is untimed but we recommend that teachers give students between 45 and 60 minutes to complete each assessment.

Adaptive Progress Monitoring Overview for APM Coordinators

Adaptive Progress Monitoring Overview for Teachers

Roster Template

Accommodation Template

How APM Coordinator Enters Users Students Accommodations Rosters and Prints Tickets

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How School APM Coordinator Adds or Removes Students from Teacher Rosters

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How Teachers View Class and Student APM Results

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