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Instructional Materials 

Amy Cockcroft, Executive Director

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, Manager 

Ileana Rosado, Inventory Assistant


The goal of Lake County Schools Instructional Materials unit is to select and provide state and school board approved high quality instructional materials for all students. 

Elementary Math

Reveal Student Edition 

Username: flrevealk5se

Password: flrevealk5se

Middle School Math

Math Nation: (6-8 and A/G/A)

High School Math

Math Nation:

Agile Minds:

Overview Video:

Learning Management System:

Student account login details:

Username:  lakecountysdstudent

Password:  lakecountysdstudent

SAVVAS Learning Company, LLC: (Pre-Calculus, Math for College Algebra, Math for College Liberal Arts, Data & Financial Literacy)


Pre-Calc. Honors: 

Username:  BlitzerPrecalSTU

Password:  FLsavvas2022


Math for College Algebra 

Username: BlitzerAlgandTrigSTU

Password:  FLsavvas2022


Data and Financial Literacy 

Username: GazeThinkQuantitativelySTU 

Password:  FLsavvas2022


Math for College Liberal Arts 

Username: BlitzerThinkMathSTU

Password:  FLsavvas2022

Access to all of the the Savvas Learning Company AP course texts can be found here:

Parent and Community Comment Surveys

If you would like to provide comments on the proposed materials, please use the links provided below. 

For the K-5 materials CLICK HERE

For the 6-12 materials CLICK HERE