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  Leadership Development

Laine Obando, Executive Director
"Leadership is practiced not so much in words,
as in attitude and in actions"
                                      -Harold S. Geneen

  The purpose of the Leadership Development Plan is to improve the quality of instructional leadership so that every school is guided by an effective instructional leader who carries out the vision and mission of the state, district, and school.  Florida’s mission is to “increase the proficiency of all students within one seamless, efficient system, their knowledge and skills through learning opportunities and research valued by students, parents, and communities.”   In addition, Lake County Schools’ mission aligns with the revised State Board Education Rule 6A-5.081:  The mission of Lake County Schools is to provide every student with individual opportunities to excel.

Lake County Schools offers a detailed multi-tiered professional development program to meet the needs of teacher leaders and school administrators in developing and keeping high quality leadership standards. The program includes: Orientation and Recruitment to School Leadership, Administrative Pool Process, Preparing New Principals (PNP), Early Career Principals, ongoing professional development for Long Term Principals and District Leaders.  These tiers are in accordance with the Florida School Leaders ( and are carefully structured to create High-Performing administrators for Lake County Schools.

Lake County Schools works with Florida School Leaders (, Professional Educational Partners and University Partners in order to prepare and train leaders to be more effective.

 The purpose of the professional development for school-based administrators is to sharpen their skills as visionaries, chief human resource officers, instructional leaders, decision makers, and facilitators of the learning environment. All training aligns with the Florida Principal Leadership Standards and state and district goals for providing learning opportunities to inspire students to be lifelong learners.