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Contact Information
Capstone Library
Wendy Feikert 
Phone: 352-223-0682
Children's Plus
Tamir Chappell
Phone: (352) 804-2235
Cell: 352-804-2235 
Follett Learning
Sherri Smith-Dodgson
1340 Ridgeview Drive, 
McHenry IL 60050
Phone: 708.884.6378
Twitter: @FollettCF
Gumdrop Books
Bob Berry
Phone: (800) 821-7199
Fax: (866) 321-7199
Cell: (352) 362-4775
Rainbow Books
Andrew Herbert
Twitter: @rainbowbookguy
Phone: 321-662-4563
Tommy Brown
The Reading Warehouse 
Jeff Baker
Phone: 866 391-7323