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Links are provided to various colleges and universities for teachers, administrators, or other staff interested in taking college courses for certification renewal or working on a degree. The list of colleges and universities are provided as a resource and are not endorsed by the Professional Development Department, Lake County Schools.  Please review the information carefully before making any commitments.

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Name of College – University
Contact Name
(If provided)
(If provided)

Mrs. Casey S. Berman
Senior Regional Executive Director-Southeast U.S.
Barry University

5200 Vineland Road, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida 32811
Phone: 407-804-1424       
Ashley Clark
Community Coordinator
 925 4th Ave,
Seattle, WA 98104
Jennie C. Kroeger
Assistant Director, Office of Communications & Recruitment
Florida State University, College of Education
1114 W. Call Street, Suite 2201
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4450
(850) 644-6798
Holley Griffen ~ FSC-Ocala Site Coordinator ~ 1-352-291-4417 ~

Lisa Ramer
Director of Business Development
Florida Teachers
Tel: 866-77-TEACH  Mobile: 805-404-3153

Developing the Educators of Tomorrow
Carolina Burdier, MBA
University Development Counselor
407-988-9381 Cell
Middalia Carpio            Enrollment Specialist  
(407) 381-3313.
Dr. Jan Yates ~ Program Professor - 800-986-3223 x 8740 ~
For more information:
Jennifer Williams, '16, MBA '18 
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: 386.822.7197  Cell: 386.747.3174
(please, feel free to text)
421 N. Woodland Blvd. Unit 8289, Deland, FL 32723
Linda Cross ~ Academic Advisor ~ 407-219-5984 ~
Dr. Carolyn Hopp ~ Coordinator ~ 
Dr. Kenneth Murray ~ Educational Leadership Coordinator ~ 
Kathy Akbari- Regional Development Specialist. PH: 407-739-7082 
Peabody Online
Western Governors University