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Sport First Aid Course


Course Syllabus

This course is one of three (3) required courses for State Of Florida Athletic Coaching Endorsement.

 General Objective: This component is designed to provide the participant with increased knowledge in basic content and recent advances in the care and prevention of athletic injuries.

Specific Objectives: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

1.    Demonstrate thorough knowledge of athletic nutrition and ability to advise athletes concerning nutrition.

2.    Identify skills needed to recognize athletic injury.

3.    Display abilities in selection of appropriate athletic injury treatment modalities.

4.    Identify appropriate first aid emergency planning and care procedures: cardiopulmonary resuscitation and related activities, unconscious athlete treatment/care, and consideration of other life threatening circumstances.

5.    Distinguish the acceptable selection and usage of rehabilitation and reconditioning techniques.

6.    Demonstrate an understanding of athletic injury counseling methodology.

7.    Show evidence of knowledge of and application for playing conditions and for athletic facilities for the purpose of injury prevention and to enhance athletic performance.

8.    Demonstrate an understanding of athletic injury reporting systems.

9.    Identify major characteristics of illegal substance use problems: recommend/refer identified athletes appropriately.

10. Become familiar with the effects and dangers of drug use including performance enhancing drugs.

11. Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate health-related policies and procedures: parental medical consent, establishing policies/guidelines regarding health of athletes, referral procedures, medical examinations, knowledge of role/importance of athletic trainer, and on-call physician.

12. Exhibit a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology as related to sports medicine.

13. State the importance of the knowledge of sports medicine as a lifelong activity.

14. Obtain a valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate/AED card issued by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

Instructional Activities: This course will be taught through a combination of in-class lecture/activities along with on-line instruction through ASEP.

Evaluation: The instructor will determine a satisfactory completion of the course requirements based on participatory and follow-up activities.