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2020-2021 School Year VPK Applications

THE 20-21 VPK Registration is cancelled at this time.  A new date will be determined as soon as our schools are back open.

To register your child for one the Lake County Public Schools Voluntary Prekindergarten Programs, you will need to complete the appropriate VPK Application below, sign it and turn it in to the school when registering.  Please note that both the English and Spanish VPK Applications are now formatted so you can complete them on-line.  However, you will still need to print them out, sign and then turn them in to your home school.  We do not have an on-line registration process.

NOTE:  Transportation is not provided for our VPK Students.  If needed, please review the Transportation Department's information regarding fee-based transportation.

If you are applying for Title I Services, print out the VPK Application and the VPK Economic Eligibility Application below; complete them both, sign them and attach your VPK Economic Eligibility Application to the LCS VPK Application.  Please be aware that the VPK Economic Eligibility Application is not able to be completed on-line at this time.

Return your form(s) to your zone school no earlier than TBD during the VPK registration time as designated by the school.

The LCS VPK Application is a required document for the VPK Program.

2020-2021 VPK Application - English version   For school year only

2020-2021 VPK Application - Spanish version   For school year only

Additionally, you will need to complete the School Residency Form/Family Questionnaire as this will enable us to see if your student qualifies for other services offered through Lake County Public Schools.  The School Residency Form/Family Questionnaire is available in both English and Spanish and can be found on page 8 in the Student Enrollment Information and Forms packet.

REMINDER FOR THE TITLE I PARTICIPANTS:  The VPK Economic Eligibility Application must be attached to your LCS VPK Application in order to have your paperwork considered complete.

This form will ONLY be used to determine VPK Title I classroom eligibility.

2019-2020 VPK Economic Eligibility Application - English version   For school year only

2019-2020 VPK Economic Eligibility Application - Spanish version   For school year only