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Lake County Public Schools VPK Program Types

Please look at the chart on the registration process tab to see what program(s) is/are available at each participating school.

Regular School Year Programs:  Students can attend ONE of the following programs for 540 instructional hours fully funded by the state.

First OR Second Semester Program:  Each semester is 90 days and the students attend for 6 hours/day.  The class is filled on a first come/first served basis.  Students can only attend one semester, they cannot attend both or part of first and part of second.  Students that have used any portion of their voucher during the first semester are not eligible for second semester.

Half Day-Blended Class Program:  There are two half day programs and they are held at Rimes Early Learning & Literacy Center.  This program is 180 days and students attend 3 hours/day.

This is a blended class program where 10 students are VPK and the other 10 are ESE/Inclusion students.  The 10 VPK slots are filled on a first come/first serve basis.

Title I Program:  This program is 180 days.  The first 3 hours of their day is funded by the state.  The second 3 hours of their day is funded by the Title I Program. 

There is certain eligibility criteria for this program:

  1. Economic Eligibility - eligibility is based on the reduced income eligibility guidelines.  These can be found on the VPK Economic Eligibility Application.
  2. Student Screening - students will be asked 10 questions by designated school personnel.  Student placement will be ranked according to academic needs.

Summer Program:  This program is 300 instructional hours.  Their day is fully funded by the state.  The number of days and hours/day for this program vary summer to summer.  However, the typical summer program lasts approximately 34 days with students attending a minimum of 8 hours/day.

Eligibility requirements for summer are:

  1. Student must be registered to attend Kindergarten in the fall
  2. During the school year, the student must not have:
  • used any hours of their voucher OR
  • used more than 53 hours of their voucher