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Non Public Schools

TITLE I Program for Private Schools 2023-2024 School Partnerships  

Astatula Christian 

  Gateway Christian School 

       St. Paul's Catholic School 

Chosen Generation Christian Academy     

Holy Trinity Episcopal School 

The Dreamplex Therapeutic School 

Citrus Heights Academy 

HOPE Preparatory Academy 

The Key to Learning 

Create Conservatory 

Lake Preparatory School 

The Learning Curve 

Faith Lutheran School 

Liberty Christian Preparatory 

Wesley Christian Academy 

Family Christian Center School 

   Meaningful Milestones     


First Academy Leesburg 

Mt. Dora Christian Academy  


TITLE I Program for Charter Schools 2023-2024 School Partnerships 

Alee Academy
Altoona Charter
Mascotte Elementary
Spring Creek Charter

TITLE I Legislation 

Under TITLE I, local educational agencies (LEAs) / school districts are required to provide equitable services for eligible non public school students residing in a participating TITLE I attendance area.  Each year, the list of  TITLE I schools is updated and may change periodically. Non Public schools do not receive TITLE I funds directly; rather, funds are used to support supplemental instruction, counseling/mentoring, professional development, and family engagement activities. These services must be developed in consultation with officials of each school yearly. 

The TITLE I services provided by the LEA for non public school participants are designed to meet their educational needs and supplement the educational services provided by the non public school. All activities must be secular, neutral, and non-ideological in nature. 

Supporting Non Public Schools 

Each year, Lake County Schools invites area non public schools and their administrators to attend the Annual School Meeting for Federal Programs whereby interested schools can learn more about Equitable Services .  Non public schools can choose whether or not to participate in TITLE I or any of these federal programs. 

Student Support 

During the 2022-2023 school year,  One on One Learning, a third party contractor, provided academic support to K-12 non public school students in Lake County during a variety of times before, during and after school based on the needs of the non public school. Eligibility for support is determined through an online recommendation system used by each non public school partner; areas of support include Kindergarten skills, K-12 reading, math, science, and civics. Identified students in need of such support and who reside within a TITLE I School Zone are then eligible for TITLE I services.  For the 2023-24 school year a Third Party Contractor will continue to provide all services to Title I eligible Non public School students, families, and teachers.  Services often begin as early as September each year.  Frequency and duration of tutoring will vary from school to school and often depends on the students' needs and available funding. 

Family Support 

Parents, grandparents and even siblings can provide great support to students needing additional help beyond the school day.  Teacher and tutors regularly confirm the positive impact family engagement has in a child’s journey to success.  As a non public school partner, eligible students and their families may also receive academic support through family engagement activities where materials may be provided to help families assist their child while continuing to learn from home.  These services will also be provided by a Third Party Contractor. 

Teacher Support 

Non public School teachers who serve TITLE I eligible students are offered professional learning opportunities to help further their instruction which may impact student success.  A Third Party Contractor will be utilized to provide a variety of professional development opportunities.  Frequency of opportunities will depend on the non public school’s needs and available funding. 


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