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District ELL Plan & Title III / ESOL Contacts

Lake County Schools District ELL Plan

The Lake County Schools District ELL Plan ensures that all schools with students classified as English Language Learners (ELL) are provided with the appropriate ESOL services to meet the specific students’ needs in language learning, academic achievement, and cultural integration.

ELL Plan 2019-2022

ELL Plan 2019-2022 Documentation 

ELL Plan 2023-2026

ELL Plan 2023-2026 Documentation 

Title III & ESOL District Contacts

Letizia Haugabrook - Administrative Coordinator

Alith Casey - ESOL Program Specialist

Amy Parrott - Title III/ESOL Program Specialist

Arlene Melson- ELL School Specialist

If you are unable to reach any of the people listed above please contact us at , if you should need assistance with anything ESOL/ELL/Title III.