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VPK Policies

Attendance Policy

The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program will be in operation following the school year calendar. The student holidays for the school year are included in the VPK Parent Handbook. The instructional period consists of 180 days for the Title I program and 90 days for the Semester program. Attendance during the scheduled instructional days is of utmost importance to remain in the VPK program. Funding is linked to your child’s attendance, but also the issue of success upon entrance to kindergarten is a critical factor.  If your child is not in regular attendance, both funding and success are affected.

Tardiness: The instructional day begins promptly at the school start time. All children are expected to be in place and ready to begin at the specified time you were told in your mandatory orientation meeting. Delayed arrivals are disruptive to the group in progress and also difficult for the arriving child. We understand that it is occasionally unavoidable to be “running late”. This practice should not become a regular occurrence.

Absence: The program currently allows up to 20% of the total VPK instructional time to be missed due to absence.  Documentation of an absence may be submitted in advance of any absence. Absences and tardiness may be excused under “extraordinary circumstances” if appropriate documentation is provided. These include:

  1. Hospitalization of the child, his/her parents or guardian with appropriate documentation
  2. Illness of student, his/her parents or guardian that requires a home-stay as documented
  3. Death of a member of the student’s immediate family with appropriate documentation
  4. Court ordered visitation with appropriate documentation
  5. Parent or guardian’s military deployment.

Following an absence, a written note should be sent in with child on returning day.

Verification: The VPK personnel will ask you to sign a verification form. The purpose of this is to verify our records and the reporting of your child’s attendance for payment. Promptly returning the verification of student attendance forms at the end of each month is required.

Screening Requirement: Each student attending VPK will take the statewide kindergarten screening regardless of whether the child is admitted to kindergarten in a public school or non-public school.


Discipline Policy

It is the goal of the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program that children meet with success each day and that they attain the skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten.

In order for your child to meet with success each day, classroom rules will be established. Although the rules may differ from classroom to classroom, they will be based on respect, courtesy, and self-discipline. Student behavior will be managed through positive reinforcement, redirection, and modeling. Positive discipline techniques will be used to help students learn to make appropriate decisions and choices regarding their behavior.

If a child continues to demonstrate the inability to function in the planned staff-student ratio of 2:20 and continued behavior is such that the child becomes injurious to himself or others, the following may occur:

  1. Parent will be asked to become involved via written notification and/or phone call and/or parent teacher conference.
  2. If necessary, parent may be asked to pick up child from school.
  3. The child may be removed from the program if behavior does not improve or if child becomes physically violent toward himself, other students, or staff members.

Be assured that age-appropriate strategies will be utilized to maintain student behavior. Children will not be subjected to discipline that is severe, humiliating, or frightening. Discipline shall not be associated with food, rest, or toileting. Spanking or any form of corporal punishment will not be utilized.


Transportation Guidelines

Parents: For the safety of our children, it is important that you follow the transportation guidelines listed below:

  1. Transportation is not provided by Lake County Public Schools. Parents are responsible for ensuring their students have proper transportation both to and from school.
  2. Every Wednesday is early dismissal day; schedules should be adjusted.
  3. An authorized adult (at least 18 years old and listed on the emergency card) must carry picture identification when picking up your child.
  4. VPK children who walk to school must be accompanied by an adult. Siblings may not assume this responsibility.
  5. Children who are driven by car to school must be accompanied to and from the classroom by a parent or designated adult. A designated school official will transport the children from the school drop-off area to the classroom and the reverse in the afternoon.