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Lake Virtual School

Fall registration is closed as of 9/13/2020.

Lake Virtual is a Lake County School with teachers, counselors, and administrators that have one goal in mind: the success of all LCS students! Students that select this option will be full time Lake Virtual Students. Students that select this option will be taking all of their courses online with Lake Virtual. 

  • Flexible daily virtual learning schedule aligned to state standards 

  • Families establish their own daily learning schedule with teachers available to assist throughout the day including evening hours 

  • Includes 2-3 live teacher lessons weekly

  • Electives available - Complete list of all courses available

  • Option to return to traditional, in-school learning after each 9-week grading period will be available



How Lake Virtual Works

Lake County Virtual School has been an option for LCS students since 2012.  These students take rigorous courses in a fully accredited K-12 online curriculum.  If you would like to know more information about Lake Virtual and the Required Orientation, please visit our website:


Student Expectations

Many LCS students experienced distance learning for the first time in the fourth grading period of the 2019-2020 school year.  While the distance learning that took place during that time was vital to the continued success of LCS students, the Full Time Virtual Student expectations are quite different and many students may find them potentially more challenging than their previous virtual experience.  Full Time Virtual Students are expected to maintain daily pace (completing lessons and assessments) and communication with their virtual teachers.  They are also expected to participate in weekly live lessons as well as all required District and State Testing.  To learn more about Full Time Virtual Student expectations, please visit our website:

Services to Students

Lake County Schools is committed to providing your student with the support that they need to be successful.  Listed below are resources that will give parents more information on how Lake County Schools is ready for the 2020-21 School Year.