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Modified Day

Registration temporarily closed

Will reopen on October 1, 2020

(Students who have already signed up will be enrolled in availible classes.)

The Modified Day will include instruction for English Language Arts and Math in a traditional setting, with all other courses (such as Social Studies, Science, Electives, etc.) taken virtually.  Students will be assigned either a morning or afternoon session for the traditional instruction.  Mid-day transportation (coming to school or leaving) will be the responsibility of the parent. 


  • Traditional in-school learning for ELA and Math with other courses taken virtually through Lake County Virtual School 

  • Allows for students when possible to participate in electives at their zoned/choice school  

  • Option to return to traditional, in-school learning after each 9-week grading period will be available



English Language Arts and Math classes will be delivered through in person instruction. Students will attend either a morning or afternoon session that will be assigned by their school. More Information will be coming soon.

Science, Social Studies and Electives

In the Modified Day Option, instruction for Science, Social Studies and Electives will delivered virtually.  These rigorous courses are fully accredited K-12 online curriculum. 



Student Technology

Technology is an important part of the day to day instruction in Lake County Schools whether a student is in or out of the classroom.  Every student in grades K-12 will be issued a device by the Fall of the 2020.  Every student will have the opportunity to participate in the Google Classroom and the Google Apps for Education. 


Mid-day transportation will be the responsibility of the parent.

Services to Students

Lake County Schools is committed to providing your student with the support that they need to be successful.  Listed below are resources that will give parents more information on how Lake County Schools is ready for the 2020-21 School Year.