Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

Traditional School

The traditional approach is a full return to our school buildings with additional safety protocols.  This includes lessons that are delivered in person and during the school day.  Transportation is provided to most students within attendance boundaries. 

  • Face to Face, in-school learning aligned to state standards and Lake County Curriculum Blueprints 

  • Students learn from teachers at their zoned/choice schools following the regular school day schedule

  • All courses currently offered at each school are available

  • Families must adhere to Lake County Safety Protocols



Increasing Student Safety

Lake County Schools is committed to creating the safest possible environment for students and staff.  Enhanced Safety Protocols will be put into place with the goal of minimizing risk. 


Day to Day Instruction

Learning in Lake County Schools involves authentic learning experiences with an emphasis on literacy.  Teachers are an essential part of the process and students will be given the opportunity to collaborate, communicate and problem solve.  Read more about how the Instructional Framework will be used in regards to the technology.

Services to Students

Lake County Schools is committed to providing your student with the support that they need to be successful.  Listed below are resources that will give parents more information on how Lake County Schools is ready for the 2020-21 School Year.


Student Technology

Technology is an important part of the day to day instruction in Lake County Schools whether a student is in or out of the classroom.  Every student in grades K-12 will be issued a device by the Fall of the 2020.  Every student will have the opportunity to participate in the Google Classroom and the Google Apps for Education. 


Google Applications for Education

Teachers have participated in a week long Google Apps for Education training which focused on how to teach using the District Instructional Framework and Google Apps for Education.  Teachers should go to Classlink to access these training materials. 


Having a Plan

Lake County has a definitive plan of action in the event of a school or district closure.  Check out the Instructional Continuity Plan and how the district is ready to adjust if a need arises.