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iPad Support

Apple iPad Pricing
The above link takes you to Apple's Education Pricing. 

Use the Apple's Education Price quote for pricing information when purchasing iPads.  For student iPads, we recommend purchasing a protective case (like the Otterbox Defender Case).  Don't forget to include "AppleCare" extended warranty.  Please work with your school's Administration and Bookkeeper to set up the purchase.  You can also submit a Technology Work Order to request an individual iPad quote. 

App Approval Request and Evaluation Checklist
Please submit a Technology Work Order and attach the completed Checklist, signed by your administrator.  The Software Committee will evaluate the App for approval.  

LCS Core iPad Apps
This is a collection of FREE approved apps, compiled to create a "Starting" set of Productivity and Education Apps that be installed on all Lake County Schools iPads. 

Approved iPad App List
(Updated 3/2019)  

This is a complete list of Apps approved by the Software Committee for use on student iPads in LCS.  If the App is not on the approved list then it should not be used on student iPads until it is approved.  Apple licensing requires one license per iPad, therefore, if you have 10 iPads, you will need to purchase 10 licenses through the VPP site.  Please note, the VPP prices listed are for 20 or more licenses of the same App.

  • If you are purchasing 10 or more licenses, it is often less expensive to purchase 20 licenses.
  • Be sure to use the VPP site to double check app costs before balancing your budget.  Prices may have changed since this list was created

VPP Quick Guide  and  VPP log in page (
The only way to use district funds to purchase Apple Apps for student iPads is through the Volume Purchasing Program.  Use the below information when purchasing Apps for your iPads with your VPP account.  

VPP Card Item Numbers and Amounts:

MC760LL/A     $1,000

MC759LL/A        $500

MC758LL/A        $100