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Brand New iPads

How does my school purchase new iPads? Visit the iPad Support page for information on how to purchase iPads for your school.

What do I do when I receive new iPads? 

  1. Submit a Technology Work Order to request asset tags for each iPad.
  2. When you receive the tags, set some time aside to label and inventory the new iPads.

Is there a recommended way to label & inventory new iPads?  When you receive your asset tags, place a tag on the back of each iPad (on or below the apple logo).  With a Sharpie, write the asset tag number on the designated case--add any additional information you may want to include, i.e. funding source, school name, etc.

(See your media specialist on cataloging the iPads in Destiny, if your school chooses to do so)

Who sets up the new iPads, when they are labeled and inventoried?  Your school should have an iPad contact who manages your school's  iPads.  Check with your school administration if you are not sure who this person is.  The schools iPad contact can then follow the steps on the "Setting Up School iPads" page to set up, install and manage Apps on their iPads for students and teachers.  Upon setting up the iPads, the District Core Apps can be added.