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Purchasing Apps

We have school dollars to spend on Apps for our iPads, where do we begin?

If you want to purchase Apps for your school's set of iPads, check with your administration or your schools iPad contact to determine if you have a VPP facilitator on site.  If you do not have one, you will need to have a VPP facilitator appointed (typically, the ESE coordinator/bookkeeper) and a Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account.  To learn more about the VPP program visit the iPad Support page.

I am my schools VPP facilitator, and I received my VPP vouchers.  I want to redeem them and start buying Apps; how do I do that?  Click here for the VPP Quick Guide.

Can my school use iTunes gift cards to purchase Apps? iTunes gift cards are NOT to be redeemed on student devices.  iTunes gift cards may also NOT be purchased with district dollars.  To purchase Apps with district dollars schools must use the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). iTunes gift cards purchased with personal funds may only be redeemed on teacher iPads and under the teacher's personal iTunes account.

Can I use my personal iTunes account on my district provided teacher iPad?  For LCS provided devices, teachers CAN use a personal iTunes account for purchases with the understanding that the device is NOT to be in the hands of the students; additionally, the school/district is not responsible for reimbursing the teacher for the personal purchase.

I am a teacher with a district issued teacher iPad.  I was given a VPP redemption code; may I redeem this under my own personal iTunes account?  No.  Apps purchased with district dollars must be redeemed under the schools iTunes account.  For the guide to redeem VPP codes click HERE.

Is there a list of district approved Apps?  Yes, visit the iPad Information page and scroll to the "Approved iPad App List". 

There is an App I want to load on student iPads, but it is not on the list, what do I do??  For student iPads, any Apps added MUST be on the approved core list; for those not on the list, you must fill out an App request form and wait until it has been approved by the Software Committee before installing.  Find this on the iPad Information page and scroll to App Evaluation Checklist.

Can I load Apps that are not on the district approved list, on my teacher iPad?  Yes, as long as they are educationally sound and your iPad will NOT be in the hands of the students.