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Setting Up School iPads

Installing Apps:

Our school iPads have been set up with the "Core Apps", now how do we add our own Apps?  Once your school has purchased VPP vouchers to purchase Apps, you will need to be sure that you have a Meraki network account set up. This can be verified by your school administrator or iPad technology contact.  It is recommended, from this point on, that all Free & Paid Apps are to be installed via Meraki on the student iPads.

What iTunes account do I use to install Apps on the iPads?  You will use your school's iTunes account. If you do not know what that is, contact your school's iPad technical contact and they may have you submit a Technology Work Order.

What is Meraki?  Meraki is the Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that our district uses to manage student and teacher iPads.  Meraki allows for a time efficient way to "push" Apps to a number of iPads.  Additionally, Meraki will provide solutions for removing and updating apps.  It will also provide location/tracking services and assist the schools iPad contact to "see" what Apps are loaded on specific iPads, while managing settings on select (or all) iPads within the school Meraki network.  All student iPads & teacher iPads should be enrolled in Meraki.

How do I receive training on Meraki?  If you are the school iPad contact and this has been approved by your administrator, submit a Technology Work Order to request training and get your account information.

Is Meraki the only way we can add Apps beyond the district core Apps?  No.  Meraki is the recommended method for App installation; however, schools can choose to manually install Apps.  This method is only considered an appropriate option for small quantities of student/teacher iPads and for the free, district approved Apps.  If your school intends to manually install VPP purchased Apps, it will be more cumbersome to keep track of codes that have been redeemed and it will be difficult to get the codes back to reuse on other iPads.  School iPad contacts will perform the App installation. 

Can I give our iTunes password out to the school staff? It is a school based/administrative decision who should have access to the iTunes account information and password.  Students should not have access to this information.

Note:  After installing apps and returning iPads to the students, the restrictions must be set so the App store is unavailable. 


Managing Apps:

How do I update the "District Core" Apps?  Your schools iPad contact will perform the updating on all student iPads, unless otherwise specified by your school administration and/or the IT department.  

How do I delete and/or update Apps?  School iPad contacts will perform these tasks on all student iPads.  Please submit a Technology Work order.