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Troubleshooting FAQS

How does a staff member set up LCS email on iPads?  Students are not supposed to set up email on iPads. 

  • Settings
  • Accounts & Passwords
  • Add Account
  • Microsoft Exchange
    • If prompted for server name:

NOTE:  When it is time to change your LCS network password, you will need to turn off your iPad, make the password change on your computer and then immediately update the password on your iPad when you turn it back on.

Why do I keep getting locked out of my user account? Have you changed your LCS Network password recently?  If so, you may still be logged in with your old credentials on your iPad. 

  • You can unlock your account by using the Password Reset/Unlock Tool. 
  • You will need to "Forget This Network" under wifi settings, and reconnect with your username and new password. 
  • Update your new password on your iPad's email settings.
  • Personal devices, i.e. cell phones and personal iPads, can also contain your old credentials causing your user account to lock.  Please turn those devices off before changing your password, then immediately update them with your new password. 

How do I connect my school iPad to WIFI? 

  • Teachers should always use the LCS-Secure wireless network.
  • Students should connect to the xxx-Student Network. 
  • District/school issued devices should NOT be joined to the BYOD network.

What is a Passcode Lock and how do I set one (Teacher iPads only)?  Visit the apple website to learn more. Students should NEVER set passcode locks unless otherwise directed by their school administration. 

What if I forgot my passcode lock?  If you have forgotten your passcode lock, please notify your school iPad contact.  The iPad may have to be reset/reformatted and the iPad tech con must perform this task.

What is a restriction code?  The restriction code prevents users from making adjustments to the Restrictions on the iPad.  Your school's iPad contact and the IT Dept. are the keepers of this code.  Students should NOT have access to this.  If this code has been set to an unknown code, your iPad contact will need to make the determination whether or not the iPad will need to be reset/reformatted.

My iPad won't charge, what do I do? When an iPad has lost it's charge and sits idle after a long period of time, i.e. approx. a month, you may need to leave the iPad plugged in for an extended amount of time, from an hour to a number of days, for it to begin charging again.  If you find that the iPad still won't charge, there may be a malfunction (see next FAQ below).

My iPad is not working or has been damaged, how can I get it repaired, i.e. cracked screen, won't power on, etc.? First, check with your school's iPad contact and/or bookkeeper to determine if the iPad is still under warranty.  If it is not, submit a Technology Work Order requesting advice on how to proceed.  It may be cost effective to repair if it is a newer iPad (within 3 years old).

Why won't my iPad display certain websites?The iPad does not support Flash based websites; therefore, not all sites will be displayed properly. 

One of my Apps keeps crashing, what can I do?e  Turning the iPad off and then back on might help.  However, sometimes Apps are still left running in the background, and you will need to force close the App.  This can be done via the multitasking feature on the iPad. 

  • Double tap the Home button to bring up the Multitasking bar
  • Press and hold anywhere on the multitasking bar until the icons start to wiggle
  • While they are wiggling, each icon has a Minus sign symbol above it
  • Press the Minus symbol above any app to close it down

What is the best way to clean an iPad screen?  Never use rough paper towels, cleaning solutions, etc.  The best method for cleaning your iPad screen is with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Why can't an iPad connect to LCS WIFI today; it was connected yesterday?  Verify that your the WIFI is not temporarily down by checking with your school's technology contact; if this is not the case, check the date and time.  The iPad may need to be connected to a PC or Mac with the latest version of iTunes installed.  Submit a Technology Work Order if help is needed. 

What if I have a missing or lost iPad??  Check with your school iPad contact on your school's SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for reporting a lost/stolen iPad.