• Dear Parents/Guardians: 

    The final weeks of the 2018-2019 school year are upon us.  It has been a challenging year for both students and staff.   We have come a long way in learning the standards and preparing for the FSAs.  Now they are behind us but we need to look forward to 5th grade.

    Over the summer ensure that your student continues to READ daily in order to sharpen and improve their reading skills.   5th grade reading and math will be tougher, so kids have to be prepared.  Not only is reading important, so is continuing to practice math facts, equivalents, fractions and decimals.  When kids know their math facts they can focus on problem solving and not remembering what 2 x 2 is. 

    The most important skill students will need in 5th grade is the determination to succeed.  Their behavior must reflect this attitude.  Poor conduct and a negative attitude get in the way of learning and growing.  By 5th grade students must develop the self monitoring and discipline they will need for the rest of their lives.  You can help them with this.  Hold them accountable!  Be a role model and set the example of the type of person you want your child to become.  

    It has been a privilege to be your child's teacher this year and I wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer! 

    Please feel free to contact me via Class Dojo or email at teodosioc@lake.k12.fl.us.  As always thank you for all you do and supporting me in helping our kids reach their goals.

    Ms. Teodosio 

    4th Grade ELA/Social Studies