•  Ms. Ash
    Contact Information
    Phone Number:
    Email: ashd@lake.k12.fl.us
    • Periods 2, 3, 5 & 6 - Regular Physical Science
    • Periods 1 & 7- Honors Physical Science
    • Chemistry  (6-12)
    • Biology (6-12)
    Teacher Profile
    1995 Graduate of FAMU, B.S. in Chemisty with a minor in Molecular Biology
    2015 Graduate of ACE, M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
    Celebratory Best Practice

    I make sure my students’ know that although my expectations are high I am always here to make sure we reach our goals together in a positive environment.

    Instructional Best Practice

    I grew up watching awesome science television shows every night and having the most amazing, kind, caring and nurturing teachers every day.  It was their love of teaching and practical application that made me want me to go to school every day. This made me develop a love of science and school, which is what I intend to pass on to all of my students.

    Inspirational Quote

    “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Albert Einstein