•             Mrs. Kee   

    August 1, 2018



    My name is Charlene Kee. I am the Family School Liaison at Leesburg High School. My role is to aid students and parents in ways that can help in having a successful school year. I am responsible for providing Title I workshops and trainings for you as parents, in order to support your child's success in school.


    My office is located in Building 1-Room 111. The Parent/Student Engagement Center has educational materials and take home technology available for parents to check out for their child. I also have basic need items, such as school supplies, hygiene products, a clothes closet, and a food pantry to assist our LHS families.


    Please feel free to contact me about any specific needs that you may have regarding your child or children's education. My goal is to best serve your needs and direct you to the proper faculty, staff member, or outside agency if needed. My hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 1:00 pm.

    Thank you,

    Charlene Kee

    Family School Liaison, LHS

    (352) 787-5047, Ext. 7035



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