• piggy bank          Fund Raiser Reports

    Cypress Ridge families are very generous in their support of the many fund raisers held throughout the year. 

    2018 - 19

    $$$ Magazine Fundraiser- The school collected $12,790.11 from the 2018 beginning of the year magazine sales fund raiser.  The actual profit from the sale was $5,772.97 which is used for general expenses such as supplies, PBS, copies, and special events.

    $$$ Yankee Candle fundraiser - The total profit from the 2018  sale was $3103.80, which included $2023.80 from catalog sales and $1080.00 from online sales.  The money will go into the PTO general fund.  In the 2018 - 19 school year, the big project for which PTO funds are earmarked is revitalization of the library, including the book collection and adding more comfortable seating.

    $$$ Chick-Fil-A Spirit Nights - Monthly spirit nights are held at Chick-Fil-A. Each month's event raises about $250. A different grade level or group within the school sponsors each Spirit Noght. This year, money has been raised for the second grade carnival, science lab, fourth grade Everglades Experience, PBS Store, and fifth grade graduation, among other things.

    $$$ Osprey Challenge - The robotics club sponsored a VEX Tournament at Clermont Middle School on Novembr 10.  Thirty teams from around central florida participated.  Entry fees raised more than $850 which will be used to pay for our six teams' entry fes into comptetitions throughout the season.

    $$$ Crazy Socks Day - Socks Day was February 22.  Students were invited to wear non-uniform socks when they made a donation to support four robotics teams entry fees for the state championship. This popular activity raised $545.00 for the club. 

    $$$ Fun Run - The Fun Run was held on March 8.  Students get sponsors for walking for an hour.  The funds generated are used by the enrichment department to purchase PE and playground equipment, pay for materials and speakers for all grade level Wonderful Wednesday projects, and to support other schools projects and clubs.  This year, the students raised more than $9000.00

    $$$ Carnival - The PTO held a carnival is coming on March 28, 2019. Lat year, over $9000.00 was raised through ticket sales, donations, and the basket raffle. The money raised by the PTO is used to support education at CRES including grade level and teacher requests for supplies and materials, purchasing and updating technology, campus beautification, providing fitness and health equipment,  and projects such as teacher appreciation.

    $$$ PTO Fund Raisers - Details about the PTO budget an be accessed by contacting the PTO. PTO fundraisers include dances, movie nights, discount card sales, Boxtops for Education, Candy Grams, and BJ's memberships.  PTO Funds many different school projects with their annual budget.