• Welcome to Tavares Middle School Sports!


    Each athlete will need a current physical submitted via https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org/. Please see the Home Campus/Athletic Clearance page for detailed instructions on how to complete this process. If the physical is dated before June of 2018, they will need to get a new physical to ensure that they will be eligible for the entire season. Pop Warner and health department school entry physicals are NOT ACCEPTED for Tavares Middle School sports.    


    Each athlete is required to have health insurance; if you do not have insurance you may purchase school insurance. Please see the front office for more information about school insurance or visit https://www.schoolinsuranceofflorida.com/.


    Each sport will have a specific deadline for completing and submitting the required information. If your athlete misses that deadline, or if their information is not complete by the deadline, they will not be allowed to participate in that specific sport. This, however, does not exclude them from participating in a future sport that same school year.  

    Season Info:

    All sports will consist of an intramural period, followed by the interscholastic season. Every eligible athlete will be allowed to participate in intramurals and the coach for each sport will choose the interscholastic team after the intramural period has concluded. Attendance throughout intramurals is a necessity if your athlete would like to play on the interscholastic team. Please be sure you are there to pick up your athlete on time. Two late pickups can result in removal from the team. Practice times are subject to change, so please have your athlete listen to their coaches and to the announcements for time changes.


    The coaching staff here at Tavares Middle school and I look forward to working with you and your athletes. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  


    Thank you, and GO PATRIOTS!  


    James Richardson  

    TMS Athletic Director