•           Mrs. DiCoio

                        English 1

                       Mrs. DiCoio


                         Phone Extention: 7116

                              Room #: 4-211

     Class Overview


    Students will learn about analyzing literature & non-fiction readings, independently determining how authors effectively organize & write for their audience & purpose. Students will practice reading & writing daily.





    Information through the online Skyward Gradebook is the first method of contact from the teacher. Students & parents are encouraged to check Skyward weekly. Students can sign-in

    using their school computer

    login information. Visit http://www.lake.k12.fl.us/

    & click on the “A+” Grades picture at the top right.


    ·       Remind is a secure text messaging service. All parents & students are encouraged to sign up for reminders about room changes, due dates & required textbook days.

    ·       To sign up, text the message @tdicoio to the number 81010. OR you can visit rmd.at/tdicoio.

    ·       When setting up your profile, please mark either “parent” or “student” & use your full name.


    IEP & 504 PLANS

    Students are responsible for advocating for their learning needs. ALL students are held accountable to the expectations of this syllabus. If you ever feel like accommodations are not being met, please come talk to me so we can make a plan to help you succeed.







    Our Class


    ·       Projects/Essays = 100 Points Each

    ·       Quizzes/Book Reports/Quick Writes = 50 Points Each

    ·       Homework/Reading Log = 10 Points Each

    ·       Classwork = 25 Points Each

    ·       Bell Work/Tickets Out = 10 Points Per Week

    Supply List

    • 1” Hardcover 3-Ring Binder
    • 5 Plastic Dividers with Tabs
    • 2 Packets of College-Ruled Paper
    • Colored Pencils
    • Sticky Notes
    • Pens (Black or Blue) & Pencils, Highlighters

    Absence & Late Work


    ·       If you have an EXCUSED absence, you have 5 days to make-up in-class assignments.

    ·       If you have an excused absence on an extended assignment (project, essay, paper) due date, it is due on the day you return.

    ·       YOU are responsible for requesting a pass to Intervention Period upon your return to receive make-up work.

    ·       If you are gone for an extended time (vacation, suspension, illness), contact me ASAP so we can make arrangements.

    Late Work

    ·       If present in class, students are expected to turn in all assignments on time.

    ·       Students unprepared to turn in work will fill out a “missing work” form. Late work may be turned in late for a letter grade reduction. After five days, late work will no longer be accepted.

    ·       Completed assignments will not score any less than 50% & any assignment except for exams may be revised for additional credit

    Classroom Expectations

    1.     Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates & classroom.

    2.     Be responsible for your work, actions, words & your learning.

    **Many students/teachers have asthma or allergies. Do not use cologne, perfume or scented lotions in class.**


    Cell Phone & Headphone Policy

    In class, cell phones & headphones/earbuds should not be visible. School policy is to keep them in book bags during class time. If you violate this policy, your device is subject to confiscation.


    Food & Drinks

    Eating is not permitted in class. Only bottled water with a tight seal lid are allowed. If you are hungry (missed breakfast, forgot lunch...) come see me at the end of class.


    Plagiarism, Cheating, & Academic Integrity

    Plagiarism includes copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is the giving or receiving of help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Students caught plagiarizing or cheating will receive a zero for the assignment.

    Curriculum Overview

    ·       Quarter 1

    o   Unit 1 (Informational Texts & Writing)

    o   Unit 2 (Research)

    ·       Quarter 2

    o   Unit 3 (Rhetoric Analysis)

    o   Unit 4 (Argumentative Writing)

    ·       Quarter 3

    o   Unit 5 (Romeo & Juliet)

    o   Unit 6 (Poetry)

    o   Writing Boot Camp Review

    ·       Quarter 4

    o   Unit 7 (Novel Study)

    o   Reading Boot Camp Review

    o   Unit 8 (Narrative Writing)