• Treadway Elementary School

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     Fab First
    Welcome to Ms. Hunter's First Grade Class
    Email: huntern1@lake.k12.fl.us
    Phone: (352) 742-2291
    Remind: rmd.at/a233efg
    Specials Schedules
    A = P.E.
    B = P.E.
    C = Reading Lab
    D = Art
    E = P.E.
    F = P.E.
    G = Math Lab
    H = Music
    Wednesday is always P.E.
    Daily Folders
    Each student will be provided with a blue daily folder. This folder should be returned to school every day. It will contain homework, important notes, spelling/high frequency word lists, reading logs, and a behavior calendar. Please initial your student's behavior calendar and check their folder for important information daily. 


       Math: Students will have one worksheet of math homework per night (Monday-Thursday). If there is not a worksheet provided, please practice addition and subtraction facts through 20. 

       Language Arts: Students should practice their spelling and high frequency words nightly. Students should be able to read the high frequency words from memory (without sounding it out). 

       Reading: Students will have one worksheet of reading homework per week. It will be given on Monday and is due on Friday. Students fill in the blanks and then read a short passage. Please initial this page nightly. I also ask that students read one book per night. Make sure to record the book on their reading log!


     Snack Time


    We will be eating lunch at 1:13 p.m. this year, so we are allowing children to bring their own snack from home daily. This will be kept in their backpacks (so, please do not send in anything that needs to be microwaved or refrigerated). A few ideas are: Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, carrot sticks, or Ritz Bitz. NO CANDY or DRINKS! Water bottles (with your child’s name written on them) are fine. We ask that snack be in the amount that could fit in a sandwich size baggie. We will not allow any sharing, so please remember to send in their snack daily. (If there are severe allergies in the classroom, I will let the class know some additional parameters.) Please only send ONE snack item per day. We do not have a lot of time for snack, and when students bring more than one snack item, they do not have time to finish everything. Also, I do not have spoons, forks, etc. in class for students. Please put your child’s snack in his/her backpack, not a lunchbox, so that he/she does not get it confused with lunch. 


     I am looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year!