• Minneola Charter School Performing Arts Conservatory for Choir, Dance, and Drama.

    Our mission is to prepare our students for the world of singing, dancing, and acting while focusing on the whole child.  Here at the MCS Performing Arts Department we are focused on preparing you to become the best performer you can be. We want you to be confident in your skills, well rounded in your talents, educated in the rich histories of music, dance, and theatre and prepared for auditions.


    As a conservatory student, you will take enrichment classes in back to back enrichment time slots.  This allows us, as the conservatory, to create a specific schedule allowing you to take classes in all three performance areas rather than two.  Students within the conservatory will take classes in music, dance, and theatre history, study theatre production and scene study, attend sight singing classes, be in enrolled in either advanced or general dance/choral classes depending on ability level, experience a musical theatre dance course, and have opportunities for private study within your performance focus. 


    In addition, you will have several performance and competitive opportunities.  Each semester, students will be selected to perform a piece from their repertoire for their peers in a private concert style event. Students will participate in District Music Performance Assessments, All State Music sight reading, vocal quality, and music knowledge assessments, district and state level thespian competitions, and dance showcases. Students will have the options to join both the International Junior Thespian Society and the National Dance Society for Dance Arts. 


    Through all these learning and performance experiences, our goal is to build our students into prepared and well-rounded performers.