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    King Midas   King Midas and the Golden Touch

    Choice #1 - Log into ClassLinks and join the King Midas class with the code fljeup.

    • Think about the lesson King Midas learned about what is really important to him and the things that are the most important to you.
    • Add your name in the bottom corner
    • Insert 3 - 5 pictures to represent the things that you value the most. 
    • Put a handprint in the oval.

    Choice #2 - Click on this link to watch a King Midas video.  Think about parts of the story that are the same as your textbook and parts that are different.  Which version do you like better? Click on the Double Bubble Map link to compare the two versions.  Then give your opinion.  Print your finished work.

    Choice #3 - Write your own new version of the King Midas myth.  Instead of turning everything to gold, what would you wish to turn things onto.  Imagine what would happen if your wish came true. Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to type and illustrate your story.