• Welcome to Ms. Velezs' Dual Language Kindergarten Class!
    I am looking forward to a great year! Please read below for some helpful tips....

    Please bring in any important papers that were sent home in your child's take home binder, and the Sawgrass Bay Bobcats folder(red and white).  I know it is a lot of paperwork, and I appreciate your help.  Please fill-out all papers, and send back in your child's binder ASAP. 
    If you have not already, please continue to bring in class supplies.  I appreciate your timely delivery of everything, and completely understand if you need more time to bring in the supplies.  The most important supplies to bring ASAP are a Snack for the entire class(enough for 18 students), copy paper(2 reams), and the Play-dough and baby/lysol wipes.  Your help with these items will help us have a wonderful year. I am also asking each child to bring in a large bottle of hand sanitizer(pump please) and a bag of variety candy to share with the class. I will send home healthy snack reminder when our snack supply is low. Please help your child practice writing their NAMES.  This is a very important skill that I will need your help with.  Emphasize a capital letter at the beginning and lowercase letters following.

    1.Please help your child memorize their four/five digit lunch numbers. They are also located on the back of their name tags.  If you need to know your child's number, send me a note in the binder. 

    2. When we have a field trip, please send this completed form along with the appropriate money(cash, labeled in envelope please) ASAP.  VERY IMPORTANT:  I need a copy of your child's health insurace information on file for them to take part in our field trips. 
    3.Please remove the daily class work that your child has completed in their BEAR folder. 
    4- Remember we are a uniform school! Please follow the dress code.
    5- Remember to give your child a healthy breakfast daily. It makes a huge impact on how they concentrate, how they behave and how they learn in general.  Please have your child eat a balanced breakfast at home, or if that is not possible, we offer breakfast at school for purchase.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me ASAP. 
    Thank you for stopping by,
    Ms. Velez
Last Modified on August 7, 2009