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    Ms. Rose Velez- Kg and 1st Counselor
    352-243-1845 x 6129
    Mrs. Elsie Franqui- 2nd and 3rd Counselor
    352-243-1845 x 6120
    Mrs. Bernice Kendrick- 4th and 5th Counselor
    352-243-1845 x 6121
    The mission of Sawgrass Bay's Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that focuses on meeting every leader's academic, career and social/developmental needs. Our goal is to Build Leaders, One Student at a Time through collaboration with staff, parents, and community.
    Rose Velez is currently out of field and is taking appropriate steps to become In-Field. Based on a review of this teacher’s educational background, I believe that he/she is qualified to successfully deliver instructional services to your child. 

    Please feel free to contact the school if you any questions.


    Andrea Steenken






Last Modified on August 28, 2018